Breast Boost may Lift Your Breasts Without a Bra

May 10th, 2010

Breast Boost

Formerly it was hard to get a breast boost in a strapless dress or halter style shirt without wearing a bra. But strapless bras and those designed with the straps that attach around the neck tend to have cups that protrude or look lumpy under clothing. Unless you’ve have a breast augmentation and your breasts are fuller due to surgery, or you have naturally firm breasts, going braless isn’t generally a good option.

Without a bra, breasts tend to look saggy or unshapely when wearing a strapless shirt or a top with little to no control. Thankfully, some new innovative products allow women to wear sleeveless, strapless, and halter style dresses and shirts without needing to wear a bra. And old fashioned exercise can also help to naturally provide a bit of extra lift.

Breast Tape

Breast lift tape provides an instant breast boost without the need for breast forms or bras to hold the tape in place. These special tape forms connect to the bottom of the breast and have some sort of non-adhesive middle section that covers the nipple. You then pull your breast up to the desired position, peel off the backing on the adhesive and stick the tape to the top of your breast.

By using breast tape you can gain a couple inches of lift, and most of these tapes will last all day because they resist moisture so won’t peel off prematurely. The tape is also waterproof, making it possible to wear the tape under a swimsuit. The not only provides a lift but can increase cleavage for low cut tops.

Bra Cups

Bra cups aren’t technically a bra because there are no straps, not even in the back. These cups are ideal for backless dresses or for sheer tops that would easily show the outline of a bra. Depending on the brand, some bra cups use adhesive tape while others have the adhesive built into the cup. These cups fit over and under the breast to help support and push up the breasts.

Made of silicone, these life-like breast cups aren’t noticeable under tops and provide ample nipple coverage. Some of the cups are padded for women with smaller chests and some are waterproof, meaning they can be worn under a bathing suit.

Breast Lifting Exercises

The chest muscles help support the shape of the breasts. If the chest muscles are strong and built, they help to hold the breasts higher. Traditionally the pushup is the most recommended exercise for working the pectoral muscles and building up strength in the chest. You can also bench press light weights and perform weight moves lying on your back with your arms over your head. By clenching the chest muscles with each rep, you increase the chest muscles and naturally lift the breasts.

Good posture is another way to get a natural Breast Boost. When the shoulders are pushed back and the spine straightened, the breasts naturally lift and push forward. By combining good posture, chest exercises, and a non-invasive breast boost product you can help your breasts look shapely in any type of clothing.

Where can I purchase breast enhancement creams in stores?

October 13th, 2011

Hello, I live in Canada and was wondering where I could purchase Breast Enhancement creams. My girlfriend and I are splitting the cost because it is pretty expensive. We realize that a lot of people say these do not work, were just testing them out. Answers are much appreciated. Thank you!

first of all,tell me u r man or woman?

Where can I find silicone breast enhancers in stores?

August 12th, 2011

I have asymmetrical breasts, and need a silicone breast enhancer to wear in my bikini tops/bras. What stores would I be likely to find them in? Or does anyone know a trustworthy site to buy them from?

Also, do these enhancers stay put when you’re jumping in a pool (water pressure)?

Thanks so much!

my mom had breastcancer, and she only had one boob! you can get really good ones that r a little bit expensive, but theyre at lady grace. You can get them fitted, and you get sew a little pouch into the inside of your bikini, slide it in and wellah! your boobs look beautiful! the ones at lady grace are waterproof most of the time. If you want smaller ones, you can go to arie and in the back by bras theres Breast Enhancers in small large and they have petals :) sometimes the pouch thingn dosent work in pools, but if you sew it really good, or get a bikini with the slide ins you should be fine!

Will coffee and green tea make my breast not grow?

August 12th, 2011

I heard that coffee can stunt your growth, if it can stunt your growth, will it also make my breast stop growing? – I hope not because i’m starting to drink a lot of tea and coffee to help boost my metabolism… i’m 16 and i used to drink a lot of tea and coffee and smoke cigarettes when i was around the age of 13-15 and right now i have NO breast at all…Not even small ones…I just don’t have any :( And i’m chubby too, so it’s not because i’m to skinny…And it’s definitely not genetics.

Thanks for the help

n0,it’s n0t true.. U’r only 16..u’r breasts will develop properly f u turn 18 or at 20..or u should stop get rids of u’r some exercise lyk push make u’r breast grow..nd eat fruit nd vegetables,.drinks lots of water..

Breast Enlargement Pills…which is better Perfect Curves or Breast Actives?

July 28th, 2011

my sister isnt happy with her breast and no matter how much times we tell her that her 34 B cup is perfect size for her, she still wants a C cup…so she is willing to try herbal suppliments first but she said if it doesnt work she is going to have surgery…so im hoping someone has imput or has tried 1 or both of these and which works better or even works at all…THank YOu for your help

Please don’t let her take any of that junk. None of them are approved by the FDA. You don’t know what’s in them or what the potential side effects could be.

If she’s unhappy with her bust size. Why not just get fitted for a better bra? Make what she already has look better..

Do breast enhancement pills really work?

July 12th, 2011

Do Breast Enhancement supplements really work? If so, which ones? Are they significantly different and do they stay that way? Or are the creams better?

Sorry I know that’s so many questions but I want to hear from people who have actually used them or know someone who has–just someone who is educated in them. THANK YOU! 10 points best answer!

Dont waste ur money hun, they dont work and they cant work.

Chest exercises build up the chest muscle, ud be better using the money to buy a good push up/padded bra or the little gel inserts u can pad ur own bra out with x

Do breast enhancement pills really work?

July 6th, 2011

Do Breast Enhancement supplements really work? If so, which ones? Are they significantly different and do they stay that way?

Sorry I know that’s so many questions but I want to hear from people who have actually used them or know someone who has–just someone who is educated in them. THANK YOU! 10 points best answer!

or are creams better to use?

Eliza dear,
I wish what I am about to say were not true, but trust me…. it’s the God’s truth. Absolutely. Take it from a 25+ year practicing gynecologist, breast enhancement pills and creams neither one work at all. A complete waste of your money. Really.

John Jones, MD

Herbal Suppliments and Breast Growth?

June 23rd, 2011

I have a transgender friend who took estrogen for about a year, then they had to stop. They would like to permanently enlarge their breasts if possible. Most of the herbal suppliments or herbs I have heard cause temporary growth, but will stop as soon as the person stops taking them. Does anyone know of any herbs that can cause permanent growth, even if its a small amount? Thank you, please give me a source of info. Ive done some research and have not found much.

Breasts are fatty tissue and milk ducts.
This friend will not find anything that will make his/her body grow milk ducts.
Thats why transgender people have surgery to fix those things.

breast enhancer and dietary supplement?

June 12th, 2011

i want to loose weight and take a breast enhancer at the same time;; will my Breast Enhancement pills (bustmaxx) be just as effective if i am in the HCG drops diet, please help.

You are a con artists dream. There is no "Breast Enhancer" FDA approved or otherwise that works.
The hcg diet is unapproved and dangerous science at best.
Quit buying hope in a bottle. Look at your blood relatives and you will see what your breast size is. The only way to change it is implants.
Eat a healthy diet of whole, fresh foods and get off your backside.

Really don’t know whats going on here. Need Doctor or Nurse Advice?

June 10th, 2011

Never in my life have I ever had a late menstral cycle. It has always been like clock work, all the way down to the exact hour. I am not on birthcontrol due to the fact that I am married and we are trying for kids. I however, have not been "stressing" over getting or not getting pregnant. Just taking one day at a time. I am NOT dieting but my weight has steadly been decreasing since January 20th at a rate of about 1-2 lbs a week. I have no been exersizing or changed the food I’ve been eating. Just lucky enough to be losing weight I guess.

My period however has been getting messed up. In February, I was a day and a half late and my period was 2 days shorter than normal. In March it was 10 days late and 3 days longer (I usualy have it for 4 days) and this month it is so far 4 days late. I’m really confused about this and what might be going on. I have taken pregnancy tests and all three of them have come up negative. In march I had a blood test done and it came back negative. I requested another blood test to see my horamone levels and they all came back normal including my thyroids. I’m really confused here. I also have been experiencing sharp cramping for the past 3 days in my lower pelvis and it shoots all the way up to my neck and at times causes headaches and nausa.

Any suggestions? I’ve been to 3 different doctors in 2 different zip codes for different opinions and no one seems to be able to find a reason for these changes

A little more information:
I have not used any medications or drugs (including tylenol) for almost a year now
I do not consume alcohol
I do not smoke
I do not exersize or diet or take suppliments
I do take prenatal vitimans
I am 5′6” and 138 lbs
Since January I have lost 22 lbs with no effort
My breast size has gone from a 36A in September to a 38B in March
I have not had any recent illnesses
I am also 20 years old. If this helps

What you seem to be having are irregular periods.There are numerous reasons for having irregular periods.High level of stress, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, chain smoking, dramatic changes in your life style may be some of the common causes of you irregular periods.
Another important and frequent cause of irregular periods are PCOS and fibroid uterus. PCOS causes cysts to form on the ovaries, interfering with regular ovulation.

I would suggest a gynecologist’s examination and getting investigations like ultrasound uterus, blood tests like blood insulin levels, serum testosterone and androgen levels done.Treatment will depend on the confirmation of diagnosis.

Hope it helps.Take care and regards.